Chrome extension fix - This extension may have been corrupted

Posted on Mar 31st, 2016

Last month I created an extension called Linkcast which helps to share links within a group. I was actively developing it and was adding features every other day. And suddenly I see this message saying "This extension may have been corrupted". Below is how I managed to fix this.

1. Removed unused permission from the manifest file. Didnt work.

2. Disk errors such as incomplete file writes during update/install, failing drive or damaged filesystem, etc also contributes to this. So I created a new folder and copied all my files. Reuploaded, but that still didnt work.

3. Reset chrome flags to default. restart the browser. If you’ve played with chrome://flags/#extension-content-verification flag settings by setting as ‘Enforce Strict’, changing it to ‘Bootstrap’ worked for some. Not for me.

4. Chrome extension popups have a maximum height of 489px and maximum width of 800px. I realized, due to some extra padding, the height went above 489px and that corrupted my extension. Fixing that helped me to get rid of that message.

When you are in development mode, you usually dont get such errors. Its only after you submit to chrome store and use the production version of the extension, you encounter these kind of bugs.

Hope that helps for someone, fighting to resolve this issue. 

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